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Post date - 10/03/2017 - Following our post about Bubble Football we wanted to mention the designers of their website.  Marc James Studios Stockton did the site and we are in love with their websites.   They currently have an offer on giving away free mockups to all Teesside residents so if you are business looking to go digital make sure you visit there site via the link above.

Post date - 10/12/2016 - Middlesbrough seems to be on the up and up. With dozen of new restaurants and bars popping up over the last 12 months its easy for us Teessiders to become glutonus. 

Well, I recently had a hilarious and day out courtest of the guys over at Bubble Football Middlesbrough - Bubble Baller Teesside, that is not only promotes good health but is also hilariously fun to play.

Bubble football is a game similar to normal football however the players are placed in inflateable bubbles. Then they go head to head and smash each other. My mate Chris was in a bubble on the other team and between you and me, he has been doing my head in for absolutely ages.  In my eyes he was basically walking round with a huge target on his back.

For the first 20 minutes or so when we were just getting warmed up I let Chris run around freely.  I nudged him a few times gently but didn't go in hard enough to make me feel any satifaction.  Any it must have been around the 25 minute mark when Chris was slowly dribbling with the ball, he had his back to me.  I quickly started sprinting towards him as fast as I could in my bubble (it's actually quite hard to sprint) - then the moment I had been waiting for.  I smashed into Chris full force, he went flying in his bubble and smashed into the floor.  He say's he could've got whiplash but I know he was just being a wimp. thats part of the beauty of bubble football, it's almost impossible to get injured.

I would definitely recommend Bubble Baller to anyone. It was affordable and fun, and honestly the pleasure I got from wiping out my mates was priceless.

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